6 Best German Restaurants in Helen, GA

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Situated right in the heart of the North Georgia mountains, you’ll find the quaint German-inspired town of Helen. Alpine Helen is known for its unique Bavarian-style buildings, cobblestone streets, and the beautiful natural landscape surrounding it all.

But perhaps what’s most special about this mountain town is its delicious German cuisine. Where else can you hike the Appalachian Trail before grubbing out on authentic German food? With countless German restaurants near our Blue Creek Cabin rentals, you will feel transported to Germany during your North Georgia getaway.

We’ve rounded up our favorite German spots below!


1. Hofbrauhaus Restaurant & Pub

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  • Price Point: $$
  • Address: 9001 N Main St, Helen, GA
  • What to order: A bowl of Goulash and the schlachthaus platte to share.

Right in the middle of Downtown Helen, Hofbrauhaus Restaurant has been a staple in the community for decades. Designed to mimic a German pub, every square inch of the indoor and outdoor space bursts with rustic charm. The restaurant overlooks the Chattahoochee River, offering visitors a perfect blend of North Georgia scenery and its German roots.

The menu features authentic Bavarian cuisine, including classic dishes such as sauerbraten, schnitzels, and schweinshaxe. These dishes also have traditional sides, like German potato salad and red cabbage. Hofbrauhaus is also known for its German soup menu, featuring French onion and Goulash.

The restaurant is open daily from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., giving you plenty of opportunities to enjoy this beloved spot.


2. Hofer’s Bakery and Cafe

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  • Price Point: $$
  • Address: 8758 N Main Street, Helen, GA
  • What to order: German potato pancakes for breakfast.

Hofer’s Bakery and Cafe is Helen’s quintessential German bakery. Started by the Hofer family, who came to America from Germany, Hofer’s Bakery and Cafe is well-loved by locals and tourists alike.

The atmosphere of Hofer’s will transport you as soon as you step foot inside and see the hand-painted murals displaying the history of German baking. The bakery uses traditional European techniques to bake its bread and desserts daily, giving it a unique twist from other bakeries.

The breakfast menu includes a mixture of German and American classics, ranging from a Bavarian cold-cut breakfast to a veggie omelet. The lunch menu features a range of soups and sandwiches, from schnitzel delight to their bestseller, the Reuben sandwich. They also offer traditional German ice cream and other sweets, so be sure to save room for dessert!

Hofer’s serves breakfast and lunch at their cafe from Friday to Tuesday. They are closed on Wednesdays and Thursdays.


3. Muller’s Famous Fried Cheese Cafe

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  • Price Point: $$
  • Address: 60 Chattahoochee Strasse, Helen, GA
    • What to order: The Gilled Bratwurt Hoagie.

Muller’s Famous Fried Cheese Cafe is known for its unique blend of authentic German and Czech cuisines. Open daily, you can get breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert at Muller’s. Of course, it’s most famous for fried cheese, which you’ll find infused throughout all of its menus.

The brunch menu features classic dishes such as Alpine french toast and the bratwurst breakfast. For lunch, be sure to try popular dishes like the chicken schnitzel sandwich. And, of course, you can’t visit without trying one of their fried cheese dishes. From a fried cheese sandwich to their specialty fried cheese dinner dishes, you’re in for a treat.

The cafe also offers gluten-free and vegetarian options.


4. Bodensee Restaurant

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  • Price Point: $$
  • Address: 64 Munich Strasse, Helen, GA
  • What to order: Sample platter for two and apple strudel for dessert

Bodensee Restaurant is another staple in the Helen community. Known for its great atmosphere and authentic German food, Bodensee brings “Old World Germany” to this mountain town.

They serve both lunch and dinner every day but Wednesday. We recommend starting with one of their many appetizers, such as the Bavarian pretzel or potato pancakes. You can’t go wrong with any of their German main dishes. From sauerbraten to smoked pork chops to schweinebraten with spaetzle and sauerkraut, they have it.

Be sure to save room for dessert, too. There is nothing like a post-meal apple strudel with ice cream on top.


5. The Heidelberg German Restaurant (Old Heidelberg)

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  • Price point: $$
  • Address: 8660 N Main St, Helen, GA
  • What to order: Pretzel with beer cheese dip for your appetizer

Previously named Old Heidelberg, The Heidelberg German Restaurant pays homage to its Old World German roots through its lively atmosphere and authentic German menu. Founded by the Link family, who came from Heidelberg, The Heidelberg has continued to grow and evolve into the staple that it is today.

You can’t miss the colorful buildings as you walk down Main Street. Beyond the main restaurant, The Heidelberg also includes a dedicated pub, beer garden, and music hall. If you can’t tell, this is the place to be during Oktoberfest.

Their food menu features classic options focusing on sausage dishes, schnitzels, and German delicacies. The dessert menu features apfel strudel and Black forest cake, perfect at the end of the meal. If that’s not all, The Heidelberg is the perfect setting to enjoy a German beer in their beer garden.


6. Old Bavaria Inn Restaurant

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  • Price point: $$
  • Address: 8619 N Main St, Helen, GA
  • What to order: the Reuben sandwich

Old Bavaria Inn is a quaint German restaurant right in the heart of Downtown Helen. This cozy spot is known for its authentic German cuisine and rustic atmosphere, allowing visitors to feel like they are enjoying home-cooking in Germany.

You’ll find all of the classic German dishes you could want here: German potato pancakes, pretzels with beer cheese, apple strudel, and more. But what they might be most known for is their Reuben sandwich. This tasty meal is perfect for lunch or an early dinner.

Old Bavaria Inn is open for lunch and early dinner every day except Tuesday.


Eat Your Way Through Helen, Georgia

Helen, Georgia, is filled with German influence at every turn. From the Bavarian-style architecture to the quaint cobblestone streets, you’ll feel transported to Germany in this quaint mountain town.

Come stay at our Blue Creek Cabin rentals and get a taste of Germany during your getaway!