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Why Rent Our Groovy Party Bus?

We know you are looking to have a groovy time!  We are here to make sure you have a groovy time,  Our Groovy bus was created just for that.  We feature a premium sound system created just for you.  Its loud!  We can play anything you want for you and your guests-rock, pop hip-hop, country & western, classical, you name it!  Or, you can Bluetooth into our system and control it from your smartphone, etc.  For those funky nights out, we installed a psychedelic laser light system so you can dance the night away on the way to your destination.  We feature conversational style surround bench seating systems so that your group can interact with each other during your trip.  Our drivers are trained, experienced, and licensed so that you can arrive safely.  We just want you to have a groovy time!

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